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Business Development Week (Part II)

I sent out around 30 letters of introduction this week! And I got these great Moo mini cards and made adorable bookmarks out of them for swag:

I also connected with another local editor and picked up some new work from a regular client. And so as my second and final dedicated Business Development Week of the year draws to a close, I am happy with my efforts and optimistic at my chances of gaining new clients.

I'd like to stress just how beneficial it is for a freelancer of any kind to join a professional organization. I've been a member of the EFA from the beginning of my career in editing, and it's been enormously helpful. People have reached out to me directly after searching its database. Their job board usually has a few postings each day, which I get as emails so I can respond as soon as a job is posted. I've gotten some of my most rewarding projects that way. I broke into fiction editing by taking advantage of their extensive and high-quality training. (I'm still on the email list of one of my developmental editing teachers, who gave an outstanding class.) I just joined ACES this week, and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of their benefits as well.

Other types of networking are also extremely helpful when you're in business for yourself. It's a myth that editors are in constant competition with one another. When you have a network of trusted allies, you can refer work to them when you receive something you don't specialize in or don't have time for. Other editors can help you puzzle through a tough question, reach out to you when a client is looking for more help for a project, and swap tips and tricks with you. I'm a member of a few Facebook groups (like this one) full of lovely and talented people who are always willing to chime in when someone is stumped on a tricky grammar or style issue. And of course, writers have their own organizations, workshops, conventions, and social media groups for support.

As an introvert, I've never been great at (offline) networking, but my goal is to get better this year. If you know of any helpful groups for writing or editing, post a comment!

Happy Friday!


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