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Editing is essential!


You might never notice that typo or realize your character's hair changes color halfway through your book, but your reader certainly will! Blue Minerva will help you perfect your writing—without interfering with your voice.


What can a professionally trained and experienced editor do for you?


  • Make sure your message is clearly presented

  • Help develop and organize your material

  • Catch factual errors and inconsistencies

  • Check for potentially costly copyright issues

  • Ensure consistency and adherence to a set style


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Brittany Dory, Freelance Editor


Since the formation of Blue Minerva in 2014 I have edited many traditionally and digitally published works, including novels, magazine articles, art reviews, online course material, academic nonfiction, educational essays, and a memoir. In fiction, I've worked in the young adult, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance genres. In all, I have worked on 60 published books. I am proficient with the Chicago Manual of Style and have also used APA, AMA, AP, and specialized house style guides. I prefer to work with American English, but I also have experience with Canadian, Australian, and British English. I have extensive experience working with ESL writers.


Education and Professional Development


  • Member, Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

  • Book Mapping for Developmental Editors course, EFA, 2016

  • Developmental Editing for Fiction program, EFA, 2016

  • Copyediting Fiction course, Editcetera, 2014

  • Professional Sequence in Editing, UC Berkeley Extension, 2014

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Oklahoma, 2007

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I want to thank Brittany Dory at Blue Minerva Copyediting for helping me with the proofreading for my novel House of the Galactic Elevator. She communicates well, offers clear and concise edits and suggestions, and never left me in the dark as to the status of the project. She has a keen eye and even spotted a few continuity errors that had to be fixed, which made for a polished manuscript. I look forward to working with her again!

Gerhard Gehrke




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